JPO Preferred Vender:  AAPC – JPO Corporate Membership

JPO Preferred Vender: AAPC – JPO Corporate Membership

In May of 2015, the JPO worked with AAPC to become an AAPC Corporate Member, through which JPO members could join the AAPC at a reduced rate.

This JPO membership benefit is available to all Practice Managers, Billing Managers and AAPC Certified Coders who are required to have CEUs to maintain their AAPC certification.  

The JPO Management Committee is dedicated to the support of continued education and increased professionalism within its member practices.  To that end, the JPO is pleased to announce it will once again, pay the AAPC/JPO Corporate Membership for member practice personnel; a $175 per person value, if you were to enroll directly as a non-corporate member.

The JPO Management Committee is pleased to provide this JPO Membership Benefit to support the JPO member practices and staff.

Thank you for your hard work and personal dedication to providing high quality services to the patients in our medical community!

For more information or to enroll under the AAPC JPO Corporate Membership, call the JPO Administrative Office at 315-788-8169.

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